• Tax Management

  • The unique pairing of PKS Investment Advisors LLC and our affiliated firm, PKS & Company, P.A. provides an all-encompassing approach to financial planning and investment management. By harnessing the expertise of the certified public accountants at PKS & Co, PA, with the financial advisors at PKS Investment Advisors LLC, clients can feel better informed about all aspects and implications of taxation when making important financial decisions. 

    Virtually every investment and financial decision you make has tax implications.  

    Tax management is interwoven into our investment philosophy as we place tax efficient and tax inefficient assets in their proper place. When clients take advantage of the tax services offered by the highly experienced team of tax professionals at PKS & Co, PA, our financial advisors have the ability to easily consult with your CPA about your unique needs. By doing so, clients have the opportunity to reduce or mitigate their tax exposure and may have better long term results.


  • * All accounting and tax services are provided by PKS & Company, P.A. under a separate services agreement from PKS Investment Advisors LLC.