• Our Approach

  • Evidence Based

    Our investment philosophy and approach is perhaps best defined by what it is not: stock picking and market timing, which are costly efforts put forth by brokers and money managers in their attempt to “beat the market.” Data shows that an overwhelming majority of these high cost stock pickers and market timers fail to meet or beat their benchmarks.

    Instead, we embrace the Efficient Markets Theory, which states that all available information is known to market participants and no one can beat the market with any consistency or regularity. We subscribe to this theory in addition to classic Modern Portfolio Theory, which takes into account asset allocation and diversification, as well as strategic rebalancing.

    Taking an academic and Evidence Based approach to investing, in combination with low cost investments, is worlds apart from the “Wall Street” firms and most independent firms.

    How We Help

    At PKS we help you plan for all stages of life. Whether you are close to retirement and need a plan to transition from accumulating to withdrawing from your assets, already in retirement and concerned about providing sufficient income, just starting out and wanting to grow your nest egg, or somewhere in between, we can help.

     We start by getting to know you and understanding your needs.  Together we will review:

    • Accumulation:  How to grow your assets in a low-cost and broadly diversified manner.
    • Retirement Planning:  Developing a path to help you reach your financial goals.
    • Estate Planning:  Helping ensure your assets pass as intended.  
    • Taxation:  How to minimize your tax burden.
    • Behavior:  How to respond to market fluctuations.

    Through discovery we will determine what your specific needs are and develop an implementation plan for your financial future.  

  • We pride ourselves on our ability to act as a fiduciary and in the clients best interest at all times.