• Investment Management

  • Among our key goals as your investment advisor is to focus more of your attention on your investment plan, and less on market volatility that can cause you to lose sight of the discipline required to achieve your real goals. Our initial meetings with you includes analysis of your financial situation as well as a discovery of your values, goals and relationships. We use what we learn to draft your written Investment Policy Statement, which guides us and you in structuring your portfolio.  

    We are advocates for Evidence Based Investing with a focus on reducing costs and taxes.

    Evidence based investing rigorously incorporates academic research; measuring how markets have delivered long-term wealth to focused investors. The evidence is compelling that investors may have higher expected returns when they reject actively managed funds, and invest in low-cost, globally diversified portfolios, within an asset allocation appropriate for them.

    Our investment philosophy is based on the Nobel Prize winning "Efficient Markets Theory" which states that all available information is known to market participants and no one can beat the market with any consistency or regularity.  Taking an academic and Evidence Based approach to investing is worlds apart from the "Wall Street" firms and most independent firms.  

    Utilizing the Nobel Prize winning "Modern Portfolio Theory," we insure that our clients' investment portfolios are well diversified by using institutional, asset-class portfolios that contain:

    • Large Company stocks and small cap stocks
    • Growth stocks and value stocks
    • U.S. and international stocks (developed and emerging markets)
    • Bonds with short to intermediate-term maturities and inflation-protected bonds
    • Hard assets such as securitized real estate and commodities