• Retirement Income Planning

  • At PKS, our constant objective is to help you meet your long-term financial goals.  

    Planning for retirement is a long-term process that requires a financial plan, implementation of that plan, and monitoring and making adjustments as needed.  


    What happens after you stop working?

    Most people understand the importance of saving money for retirement; however, the concept of retirement income planning is less familiar.  As your focus shifts from saving money, and moves toward using that money to live the retirement you want, an experienced retirement planning advisor can be your greatest asset.  

    As your retirement planning advisors, we can help you answer the following questions:

    • Do I have enough money to retire?
    • How long will my money last?
    • What are my 401k distribution options?
    • When should I take my Social Security benefits?
    • Which asset should I spend first?
    • What are my required minimum distributions?
    • Which account should I withdrawal from first?
    • What investment options are most suitable for me?
    • What is my estimated retirement income? 
    • How should I consolidate my accounts?

    Together, we will answer these questions and create a viable financial plan to ensure a dependable stream of retirement income. This allows you to worry less about money, and spend more of your time enjoying life.